10 Gift Ideas for Holiday Season


Christmas is just around the corner so we thought we’d assemble a list of awesome items you can give to your favorite vandal or vandalista (or just buy for yourself.. you know, #treatyoself).


1. SorryMom Tattoo Kit

For your tattoo enthusiast friends, this kit contains everything they need from day 1 of getting the tattoo, to day 245 and beyond. The tattoo balm is ideal for the fresh tattoo, as it has a lot of emollient ingredients to keep it moisturized. The tattoo lotion is developed for long-term aftercare, keeping your older tattoos nice, smooth and vibrant. And lastly, the tattoo sunscreen – an SPF 30 that protects your tattoos from the suns’ harmful rays. (by now we should all know that SPF products are super important when it comes to taking care of your skin – tattooed or not). All of these products in an awesome SorryMom branded bag.

You can get it from the SorryMom web shop by clicking here.


2. A Print by an Awesome Tattoo Artist

You can find a lot of awesome art prints from various artists, but our favorite right now is from Noire Meduse – a small independent publishing house dedicated entirely to the tattoo culture. They have prints and books from artists like Léa Nahon, Yann Black, kÖfi, Xoïl and Piet du Congo.

You can browse their shop by clicking here.


3. Streetwear Item

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We like the new collection from Krack – they have a cool story and they have small items so your girlfriend can wear them too.

You can see all of the items here.


4. Vinyl Record

CDs are still cool but we all know that vinyl records are cooler when it comes to gifts. Get yourself a record player if you don’t have one already and jam to your favorite album just like your parents did back in the day. We recommend Childish Gambino’s beautiful Awaken, My Love! for its funky sound and psychedelic vibes, order it here.


5. Portable Speaker

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Portable speakers are much more useful than you think they are ! This JBL portable speaker by Harman Audio is one of our favorites. Not only does it look really cool but its unexpectedly loud too and the sound quality is amazing for such a small speaker. You can get it from here and while you’re at it check out the rest of their speakers if this one is too small/big for you!


6. BumBag

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Bumbags aka fanny packs are back in style so you need to get yours ASAP. BumbagR has some great collabs with various illustrators so go check them out,pick the one you like and whenever you feel like going out with just your keys and wallet you can do it in style! Our favorite is the one shown above, designed by Romanian artist Kitra and you can get it here.


7. Your New Favorite Mug

Mugs are always a good idea and you can never have too many. Get your gangster mug from here.


8. Vandal Starter Pack

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Get some graffiti supplies for your friends or yourself. Whether you are a street artist or you prefer a canvas, spray paint and markers are a must, get some from Corner Shop.


9. Sneaker Care Products

A must for your favorite sneakerhead (even if you are your favorite sneakerhead). Take care of your kicks with proper products from SneakersER available here.


10. Artbook

It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist yourself or a cultural consumer – either way you will love James Jean. Check out his latest book Zugzwang here.


What are you getting this holiday?