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The O.Z.O.R.A. Festival has become one of the biggest psychedelic gatherings today. From 6-11th Aug the center of the globe going to be in Dádpuszta, Hungary, with a unique atmosphere of music, culture, art & circus art elements.


In 1999 you could see the total eclipse of the sun from Hungary. Ozora was the perfect place for the one-day-long open-air celebration and more than 20, 000 people took part in the event. Five years later in 2004 the happening came to life again: the tribe recaptured the Valley under the name of Sonar Plexus. From 2005 it started growing as O.Z.O.R.A. Festival and by 2010 it had become one of the world’s most influential psychedelic tribal gatherings.


O.Z.O.R.A. is the space of our alternate reality which we build up ourselves and with each other year-by-year. People from all around the world come to this exceptionally unblemished haven of nature for a whole week to share their own worlds and their emotions and thoughts with each other.


It’s a playground where we learn to share and care, to express, connect, unify, beautify the world around us, in us. A universe of openness, togetherness, reaching out to cosmic energies, to nature, to wholeness through dance, trance, creation, invention, transformation and peace.

MUSIC: 2013 promises us a very strong, colourful and experimental line-up. Apart from native Ozorian residents like Ace Ventura, Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Tristan, Zen Mechanics, Giuseppe, Para Halu, Avalon, Kalumet, Sensient, we’ll also be able to see and listen to other upcoming artists like Audioform, Symbolic, Fasma, K.I.M. and Thatha, and thanks to the very successful DJ call for tender, many unknown but very talented artists in the Pumpui tent as well.

We can also welcome many huge performances like Kashyyyk, Future Frequency, Grouch, Bird of Prey, Dub War, Celt Islam, Banco de Gaia, Mirror System, Kaya Project, Pitch Black, Tripswitch, and great comebacks like Electric Universe and X-Dream. This year every evening will start with a live concert, including The Peaking Goddess Collective, Star Sounds Orchestra, Ajja vs. Cosmosis and System 7 and the long-awaited Shpongle World Album Premiere Live In Concert.

Magic Garden’s Dragon Nest, the concert stage celebrating its second year of creation, aims to expand the musical variety of the festival by giving home to ancient and natural, trance-like psychedelic tunes like Suns of Arqa, Gáyan Uttejak Orchestra Limited, Konono N°1, Wild Marmelade.


THE MAGIC GARDEN: The  Magic Garden is a continuously expanding space that provides an opportunity to introduce different forms of self-expression and self-development, traditional healing and relaxation techniques, the sciences and arts that are connected to them, with great attention, care and professionalism year after year, through arts of movement, healing and meditation sessions, lectures and workshops.


ART: Following last year’s very first attempt to bring art to the O.Z.O.R.A. Festival also in form of an exhibition gallery, in cooperation with Looney Moon, we decided to bring you the best of visionary and contemporary psychedelic art yet again, inspired by the gallery’s huge debut success.

In collaboration with Looney Moon, The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, Eye : Guide and Starsheep System, this year at O.Z.O.R.A. Festival you will have the chance to enjoy an almost 400 sqm art exhibition area,  displaying more than 30 artists’ works – the most inspiring psychedelic productions and installations of painters, digital and visionary artists, vj’s and creative people from all around the globe. Many of the artists will share their intuitive painting skills during daily sessions.


Looney Moon: Alex Grey, Android Jones, Amanda Sage, Luke Brown and Anderson Debernadi, Mark Lee, Mugworth, Olivia Curry and Subliquida. Meanwhile, Corn79.
The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art: Kuba Ambrose, Laurence Caruana, A. Andrew Gonzalez, David Heskin, Maura Holden, Daniel Mirante, Amanda Sage, Timea Tallian, Emma Watkinson, Aloria Weaver

Eye : Guide: Papp Norbert (live sand painting, live painting), Lele Cosmo (live chalk paint), Viktor Mónus, Quen Di, Full Kolor

StarSheeep System: Ferenczfy Kovács Sebo – Souldust, Eszter Kulcsar – Mukiello, Texi, Hyko, Sanyi Unique Glass Art (live glass art), Stuart Griggs, Daniel Rothenberg (live sand carving and workshop), Ptotoneon


One of the greatest initiatives this year: the CIRCUS arts join the Festival! In the new Circus Tent, festival-goers will be able to enjoy juggling, acrobacy, flow-art, and the cyr wheel in addition to the performances of the greatest underground circus sodalities like Solstix, Antti Suniala, Magam Fire Theatre, Firebirds, Amanitas Fire Theatre and Freak Fusion Cabaret.


THE HAVEN: Haven is a space where everybody can process, celebrate and share their emotional and spiritual journeys. This new facility will be operated by Safer Festival Organization, who are presenting a European project aimed at promoting health, well-being and safety at festivals. You can visit this place if you have any psychic, mental or physical problems or just need some peace or rest. If you, your friend, or anyone you see is in need of help, come to the Haven! The best way to enjoy the Festival is by respecting your body and soul!


THE LABYRINTH is an adventure of its own at the festival. Every year you can follow and lose yourself in a maze of different paths and discover new secrets, thoughts and treasures. This year the Labyrinth will not only be a visual and mental experience, but also a creative and active way to lose track of time and space – especially during the random Labyrinth Hours when the cornfield and its creatures come to life.


The FIRE SPACE is essentially an open space for fire dancers and fire jugglers and it supports a diversity of fire arts. Moreover, we regard the Fire Space as a cultural space, allowing for free inspiration and interaction, creating the best conditions for the audience and the artists, as well as for the environment and materials. This basically means that the Fire Space is subdivided into three areas:

– an enclosed area for the fire artists’ preparations, respecting environmental and safety rules;

– a large, but clearly defined area, allowing for open fire;

– an area for extinguishing the fire and taking care of the materials used.


A competent team will be supervising proceedings in each area. What happens in the Fire Space? Fire artists, single, duo or as a group, get ready and fill the space with their art, ranging from free performances to well developed shows.


And as you can expect every new year, many more and brand-new surprises!


Travel Info: From Liszt Ferenc International Airport Budapest by Shuttle Buses ( or by regular train service to Simontornya operating several times a day. The Party Bus Shuttle will be waiting for you there to take you to the gates .


For more details also check out our website and the Ozorians’ monthly online newspaper, the Ozorian Prophet!


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