TMZ Newsroom by Rapt Studio, Los Angeles – California

By Diana Porumboiu on August 12, 2014



The celebrity news publication TZM has a new image for its working space. The futuristic environment spreads on more than 800 m2. Rapt Studio created here a fun space for employees using different materials that at first sight might seem inappropriate all together.

However, plywood, corrugated metal and concrete are creating a unique, fresh space, giving the impression of an empty warehouse. Several elements remind about the true purpose of the place and add originality. From the ceiling of the lunchroom fake bombs are hanging, making reference to the personal signature of the brand and its news release.

Even though at first glance it might look too industrial for a working space, there are enough details that can make an employee feel comfortable at his working place.


TMZ-newsroom-by-Rapt-Studio-Los-Angeles-California-02 TMZ-newsroom-by-Rapt-Studio-Los-Angeles-California-03 TMZ-newsroom-by-Rapt-Studio-Los-Angeles-California-04 TMZ-newsroom-by-Rapt-Studio-Los-Angeles-California-05 TMZ-newsroom-by-Rapt-Studio-Los-Angeles-California-06 TMZ-newsroom-by-Rapt-Studio-Los-Angeles-California-07 TMZ-newsroom-by-Rapt-Studio-Los-Angeles-California-08 TMZ-newsroom-by-Rapt-Studio-Los-Angeles-California-09 TMZ-newsroom-by-Rapt-Studio-Los-Angeles-California-10


Text: Diana Porumboiu