Ridge Road Residence by Studio Four

By Diana Porumboiu on August 20, 2014



The project we present you today is a Melbourne country house. Of course, when you hear country house you might imagine some sort of ranch or traditional design ideas. The project, delivered by Studio Four, is located inside a golf in Mornington Peninsula, surrounded by vegetation and has nothing to do with old or traditional architecture.


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The house is partially constructed on a hill, since the terrain is unleveled. On the lowest level of the terrain there is the terrace protected by the vegetation that stops the wind from making it uncomfortable to sit outside.


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The exterior of the house is covered in blackened timber and the façade integrates full height windows that let light pierce every corner of the interior.

Throughout all over the house you can see clear and clean lines as well as fluid areas given by the open spaces.

The purpose of Studio Four was to capture the essence of the surroundings and to bring them into the house while making it comfortable and practical for living. 


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Text: Diana Porumboiu