By Diana Scorici on September 3, 2014



One of the most beautiful videos about Bucharest was performed by Andreea Popa and Alexandru Costin. They present you a 3-minute declaration of the “weird love” they have for Bucharest.

Andreea said on her blog: “While I was making this, I had this big surprise. That kind of quiet, wonderful surprise that makes you smile. Although we met for the first time on the morning of the shoot, my partner in crime was super professional, easy to work with and his input was instrumental.”

“It was hard work for my tiny team of two. it hurt a little but we were really into the idea so we did what needed to be done to make it happen.”
Some beautiful places present in the video: Origo, Eden Bar A1, Carol Park, Loot Design Studio, Galateca Gallery, Open Minds Shop, Shared Artist Studio, Military Academy, The Garden of Eden.

They said: “The film is a fully independent effort. Our intention was to show Bucharest as you don’t usually see it: cool, multi-layered and hidden. This is an introductory walk in the city with your personal local friends. Walk with us!”

Watch & Enjoy It!



Concept and direction – Andreea Popa –

Filming and editing – Alexandru Costin –

Music: Silent Strike – Carousel (

Text: Diana Scorici