LA Loft by Cush Design Studio

By Diana Porumboiu on October 20, 2014



An interesting project came to our attention recently. The project is actually a living space, a loft located in LA that was the result of the inspiration and creativity of Cush Design Studio.


IMG_3979 IMG_3981
Even though the space got a new look on a low budget, at a first glance you might beg to differ. The advantage of every loft is that they have open spaces and lots of natural light. This is what they wanted to emphasize here by creating a continuous living space vaguely delimited by furniture. In this one big space they included the bedroom, the office, the living room and the kitchen. They all have a beautiful continuity due to the smooth lines of the furniture and the chromatic simplicity. The only spots of color are on the entrance door and the kitchen furniture and they’re in such a perfect harmony.


IMG_3967 IMG_3964 CUSH_Panorama1 IMG_8962 IMG_9073 IMG_9078
The airy feeling you have in this loft is not only due to the big windows and high ceiling, but also to the use of simple, original furniture and raw materials like concrete, steel and wood.


IMG_3986 IMG_4002 IMG_3978 IMG_3983 IMG_3984 IMG_3966 IMG_3965
Last but not least, the impressive elements of decoration complete the originality and personality of this place. An old fire hydrant, the deer on the wall, the cow skull and lights coming like from nowhere complete so beautiful this space.

Text: Diana Porumboiu