MxW, tattoo artist

By Patricia Pitner on January 7, 2015


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MxW, from  Antwerp – Belgium




Mxw is a left handed tatoo artist that works at Glorybound Tattoo in Antwerp and at Ritual Electrik in Brusseles, Belgium.

Mxw’s work is mostly in black and black & white. His style is fairly minimal and includes very precise lines, dotwork, a lot of mandalas and geometry. S

ometimes he likes to include some realistic touches, especially along geometric lines and uses colour only for his oldschool designs.




424628_10200734691063423_1458598348_n tumblr_nci3c0UxUz1tmdjzoo1_1280 tumblr_ndxwdkXTTH1tmdjzoo1_1280 mxw-tattoo-tattrx-nathan tumblr_nh2xcsHcNE1tmdjzoo1_1280 tumblr_nggq0vN2Ft1tmdjzoo1_1280 mxw-tattoo-tattrx-ragna tumblr_nchczlDzm11tmdjzoo1_1280 tumblr_nh8jmfz3W81tmdjzoo1_1280 mxw-tattoo-tattrx-yael tumblr_ngrrnqiA2S1tmdjzoo1_1280 tumblr_nchc93KOBF1tmdjzoo1_500 tumblr_ndmt5aWtT11tmdjzoo1_1280
tumblr_nf95sebJLt1tmdjzoo1_1280 mxw-tattoo-tattrx-athys tumblr_nefj33IKgi1tmdjzoo1_1280 tumblr_neprf7XxCw1tmdjzoo1_1280 mxw-tattoo-tattrx-marion mxw-tattoo-tattrx-carmen tumblr_nhrcslireg1tmdjzoo1_1280