Sky house in Oroville, Washington

By Diana Porumboiu on January 13, 2015



A dream house should fulfill many requirements especially if you have the chance to build it from scratch. The family of one architect from Vancouver managed to build their dream vacation house and it took them only 3 months.

The eco-friendly house is located in Oroville in the middle of nowhere, dare we say, and it was built with cross-laminated timber panels and steel. The solid structure of the house was prefabricated off site and put together on site in just a few days so the entire construction was ready in 3 months. The wooden structure of the panels was exposed throughout the house and for the outside steel sheets cover up the building and blend in with the surroundings thanks to the ochre-red patina of the metal.

The members of the family, used to the city life in Vancouver, had to become aware of the dangers surrounding them: “When you step outside your door, you need to be listening for the rattles. But it’s also the sound of birds and coyotes and wind in the grass. The juxtaposition between that and where we live in Vancouver is just so fantastic. It completely recharges my system when I’m there.”

So the architect, who’s also the owner, came up with all sort of ingenious solutions to make this house as comfortable as possible and to make up for the hostile environment. They use solar power for the electrical system, propane for their kitchen and for warming up and they even have a well for they drinking water and for their daily use. The house is thoroughly insulated so it’s easy to heat it up in winter and to keep it cool during the summer. The entire structure of the house is interesting, especially the origami model of the roof. He also made great use of the space: a bathtub is hidden below a bed that can be lifted up when necessary. The sliding glass doors open up so during the summer the space gets even bigger with the extension to an outside terrace.

All in all this is a very efficient design, where both aesthetics and functionality were taken into consideration. For details on the project, just scroll down:


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