Dub Fx – Listen Here – Live in Paris

By The VandalList on January 21, 2015


Benjamin Stanford, aka Dub FX, has been delighting his fans for some years now with his Beat Box approach of Dub/Drum & Bass music. Indeed, this Australian performer has the particularity to use vocal samples that he integrates to a loop station, in order to construct the bass line and the beat that are going to constitute the core of his song. This allows him to mix his own vocals live, sing/rap/scream on top of it, and bring other performers such as saxophonists or guitarists into his music. Dub FX found that performing live in the streets was the best way to advertise himself, and that’s what he became known for: he is now a producer for the label he created, Convoy Un.Ltd, and travels the world for his tours… We met him for a 2nd session before his gig in Paris under the grounds of the ‘Moulin Rouge’, where he delivered us a very rhythmic version of his track ‘Listen Here’.

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