Stampd 2015 Spring/Summer “Tear to Build” Capsule Collection

By Emil on January 28, 2015




Spring is close,and the guys at Stampd just released a capsule collection that will help you build your warm season wardrobe.

Designers reduced the chromatic choices to only one, all black this season, focused onto highlighting details of the construction and aesthetics. The details that they were after, are the side tapping, ghost ribbin, built-in key hooks, matte hardwear, split side seams and butterflied paneling. This way, they rebuilt streetwear designs as the Dante Pant, that now has an unique cut-and-sew construction, they used high quality nylon for the classic Simone bomber and the short sleeve Tyse Crew sweatshirt now has an elongated back panel and split side seams.

The whole collection it’s a representation of good taste and quality. Take a look and share your thoughts below.


stampd-2015-spring-summer-tear-to-build-capsule-collection-2 stampd-2015-spring-summer-tear-to-build-capsule-collection-3 stampd-2015-spring-summer-tear-to-build-capsule-collection-4 stampd-2015-spring-summer-tear-to-build-capsule-collection-5 stampd-2015-spring-summer-tear-to-build-capsule-collection-6 stampd-2015-spring-summer-tear-to-build-capsule-collection-7