Skateboarding for the emancipated Afghan girls

By Diana Slabinschi on February 3, 2015



The streets of Kabul were set into motion by Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich, seven years ago, inattentive kicking it off into a gender revolution. His skateboard alurred the local kids that had never seen before device like this and also the girls.

In the center of Kabul lies an abandoned, Russian-era concrete curio- Mekroyan Fountain which makes up for the perfect place to skate at weekends discovered by Percovich, thus begining of the Skateistan has its date from 2007.

Percovich succed in creating a non-profit skate school in Afghanistan in 2009. The number doubles as now are two-one in Kabul, the other in Mazar-e-Sharif in the north, near the border with Uzbekistan. What he wants to achieve is the using of skateboard as a mean of commission in a country where disarray and conflicts prevail.

The kids join for fun and encounter with education.

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All photography courtesy of Skateistan