Google Office in Budapest, Graphasel Design Studio

By Diana Porumboiu on February 14, 2015



Google offices around the world are already famous and we are always excited to see a new one. This time we make a pit stop in Budapest, where the reputed company has a SPA-office that thrills employees.

All Google offices focus around the idea of a playful working space where people can be creative while enjoying the functionalities available for them. The theme around which gravitates the whole concept of the Budapest headquarter is the SPA, due to the great number of springs one can find in the Hungarian capital. It looks like water is actually an important element for this design also because Hungarians are proud of their water polo Olympics.

The concept was implemented by Graphasel Design Studio who paid great attention on using cheaper, recycled materials. The final result is something you never seen before and that will definitely surprise you. They brought together furniture reminding of saunas and swimming pools. If you were to look separately at each element you might find them a little bit quirky, especially for a working space. However, once everything is put together it makes sense and it becomes cozy.

The sofa, the wallpaper in the conference rooms, the towels and the blue water-like floor are direct references to swimming pools. Another space was completely transformed to look just like a sauna and the only difference is that employees should keep their clothes on.

The classical ceiling was eliminated and in exchange they revealed the conduits and cables that were painted in the Google colors. But enough said. These pictures obviously will speak louder than words so scroll down:

Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-02 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-03 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-04 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-05 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-06 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-07 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-08 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-09 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-10 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-11 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-12 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-13 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-14 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-15 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-16 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-17 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-18 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-19 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-20 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-21 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-22 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-23 Google-office-by-Graphasel-Design-Studio-Budapest-Hungary-24

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