Le Coq Sportif “Diamond Jacquard” Pack

By Stefanie Ario on March 5, 2015



Known under the name of Le Coq Sportif, this French brand produces sports equipment ranging from shoes, shorts and T-shirts and they are coming back with a new print for spring-summer of 2015, named Diamond Jacquard.

Considered as more of a feminine print, the sneakers have a colorful pattern with various mixtures of coral, pink, mint green and black and reintroduce the famous retro-running shoes LCS R1000, which were first released in 1990. Being the first ones, at that time to highlight cushioning and foot protection, they are slowly reinventing different iconic running shoes from 1985 and 1990, such as Flash and Eclat.

The release of this summery collection will be this month in Le Coq Sportif shops in their hometown Paris, but they will also be found in London, Barcelona, Milan and selected retailers around Europe.

Le-Coq-Sportif-Diamond-Jacquard-Pack Le-Coq-Sportif-Diamond-Jacquard-Pack-2 Le-Coq-Sportif-Diamond-Jacquard-Pack-6 Le-Coq-Sportif-Diamond-Jacquard-Pack-5 Le-Coq-Sportif-Diamond-Jacquard-Pack-4 Le-Coq-Sportif-Diamond-Jacquard-Pack-3

Article written by Stefanie Ario.