The Bucket Board by Mac Premo | VIDEO

By The VandalList on March 23, 2015


Do the Green Thing has teamed up with World Wildlife Fund-UK to curate the ‘Everyday Things’ collection: fifteen artists from around the world were asked to repurpose daily objects and show how creativity can lead the way in encouraging people to live a greener lifestyle. When artist Mac Premo was asked to contribute to the collection, he partnered with Sanford Shapes to create skateboard decks made entirely out of material lifted from a dumpster. Mac then made this film which shows the process and inspiration behind the Bucket Board.


Mac Premo


Mac Premo is an artist and director who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1995. He has won 7 New York Emmy® Awards for his video and animation work. Mac’s fine art and sculpture has exhibited worldwide. In 2011, he created a critically acclaimed collage environment inside a 30-yard dumpster called The Dumpster Project. Mac lives and works in Brooklyn, New York with his awesome wife and totally radical daughters.