The Shack – a perfect weekend retreat

By Diana Porumboiu on April 29, 2015



Broadhurst Architects is an architectural firm that focuses on residential projects through which they want to add pleasure to people’s lifestyle. One of their projects is an interesting little cottage, or better said, a shack, which is located in Upper Tract, West Virginia.
The Shack at Hinkle Farms was designed for a family that needed a weekend retreat, away from their life in the suburbs of Washington. The small house has an astonishing view over the edge of Virginia, close to Upper Tract.
It seems like this is the only construction in the area and this is one of the things that makes it so tranquil and peaceful. Even more, in order to avoid any contact with the possible unwanted wild visitors, the little house sits upon four wood posts.
Small as it is, it surprises through ingenious solutions. A garage glass door was used to open the place to the wood deck and to the entire landscape. The house has no electricity or running water but it has a small wooden stove for heating and some oil lamps that provide light. Even though there is no running water, there is the rain water that is collected on the roof and can be used for washing.
This is just perfect for a romantic weekend or for an escape away from the busy, noisy cities. Wouldn’t you want one?

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