Survive the heat days by rocking these hairstyles 

By Stefanie Ario on July 10, 2015


Survive the heat days by rocking these hairstyles - the vandallist

How better to survive the heat wave than by keeping your make up minimal and your hair pulled out, braided or even better, out of the way?  Embrace the heat and humidity and use them in your favor, especially since the latest trends involve effortlessness and rocking hairstyles that are perfect in all of their perfectly undone easiness.

Check out the following hairstyles and choose whichever suits you best.

  1. Fuzzy Crown braid: Braid your hair whilst at work or when going out in a fuzzy crown braid and use the flyaways in your favor to give it a messy allure to it.  Your hair will be pulled out and you won’t have to worry about not being curly or straight enough.Fuzzy Crown braid - the vandallist
  2. Disheveled bun: Perfect for a lazy summer day, the disheveled bun is the easiest option when you’re not in the mood to sort out your hair perfectly or there’s no time for it either. Its nonchalance will keep the laid back appeal no matter how hot and humid will be where you’re heading.
    Disheveled bun - the vandallistDisheveled bun 2 - the vandallist
  3. Dressed-up ponytail: An unfussy high pony, no matter what your hair texture is and dressed up for an added effect is so easy to rock on a hot summer day.dressed up ponnytail - the vandallist
  4. Deconstructed pigtail braids: Summer days at the beach go perfectly with deconstructed pigtail braids, especially when your hair is all salty rom the sea and perfectly textured.Deconstructed pigtail braids - the vandallist Deconstructed pigtail braids 2 - the vandallistdeconstructed pigtail - the vandallist
  5. The messy top knot it’s pretty famous for its unfussy nature. The frizz only adds more to its natural state.  The best thing about it is that you can rock it no matter what time of day/night.The messy top knot  - the vandallist The messy top knot - the vandallistthe messy top knot - the vandallistthe messy top knot - the vandallist
  6. Wet look hair: The heat and humidity can’t ruin the slick wet hair look, which will definitely survive throughout the hot summer days. It’s all about finding the perfect pulled back style that suits you.wet look hair - the vandallist
  7. Cornrow braids: Cornrow braids are a win for everyone’s hair game on hot summer days. No matter how you rock them, wrapped them up in a low bun, or letting them hang loose around your face, there’s no doubt it gives you a cool, no fuss look if that’s what you’re going for.Cornrow braids - the vandallist Cornrow braids 2 - the vandallist
  8. Textured half-knot: Some call it half-knot, some half- bun, what I can definitely say is that it’s such a cool, easy option to go for on a hot, humid days when you’re lacking inspiration.  You can wear it textured, wet or messy, no matter which look you’re going for, it’s defo part of the latest trends.textured half knot the vandallistTextured half-knot - the vandallist
  9. Twists, Faux locs, Box braids: If you’re running out of alternatives to protect your natural hair and avoid dryness on hot, humid summer days there’s no better option than twists, faux locks or box braids. Whichever is your favorite, there’s so many options to rock them that you can’t go wrong.Twists, Faux locs, Box braids - the vandallist Twists, Faux locs, Box braids 4 - the vandallist Twists, Faux locs, Box braids 3 - the vandallist Twists, Faux locs, Box braids 2 - the vandallist