Photographing The Fjords Of Norway From The Kayak Seat

By Diana Slabinschi on October 12, 2015


Meet Tomasz Furmanek, amateur kayaker and adventure photographer who began taking photos from the kayak about 3 years ago and the result is purely gold.  His purpose to encase ” the beauty and balance of nature in the fjords and lakes”  and to show people otherworldly scenery it will determine people to visit and hopefully try kayaking.  The photography composition-symmetry and water reflections reflect how nature unveils – balanced and tranquil. You may easily share the perspective of a kayaker due to the shape of the kayak bow that performs like a vector.


Tomasz Furmanek declares “I mainly kayak because it is a good way to connect with nature and get mental balance.Most of the places in my photos can in calm conditions be kayaked by most people. In addition to giving people motivation for exploring the nature around us, I try to capture the calming and balancing effect that these location can have. I believe that it is important for our mental and spiritual development to connect to nature, especially in todays technological world.”

Check out the photos made with a GoPro camera or a Sony compact camera.