Duality in the mountains: Divčibare house

By Diana Porumboiu on November 26, 2015


For those interested in quirky small spaces, we give you today a mountain home that ticks all the boxes of a bizarre living space. Designed by .exe architecture studio, this 76 m2 house is located in Divčibare, a popular resort in western Serbia.

With an unusual shape, the architects aimed to combine two very different volumes in contrasting materials, light and dark. The light side of the cabin is finished with white ceramic tiles and on the south side the connection between the exterior and the interior is made through a huge picture window. The more natural side of the house, made of traditional timber shingle cladding, emphasizes the duality of this construction.

Inside the house, the white ceramic tiles theme continues on the ground floor. On the second floor, in the bedroom the atmosphere gets cozier with the hardwood flooring.

Scroll down for more photos of this dual house and its surroundings.

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