A modern revival of the barbershop in Kiev, Ukraine

By Diana Porumboiu on November 27, 2015


We are happy to see a true revival of the old style barber shops. While 50 years ago men used to go to their local barber on a weekly basis, the new barber shop tends to speak more to the modern man, the one interested in fashion and high style.

This is why we are facing a rediscovering of the manly places, which are now resurrected in different ways. The Barboss Barbershop in Kiev is one of these places that brings together the old and new both in decoration and services. They offer services like grooming, shaving, haircuts, styling and something more for a barber shop: tattoos.

Designed by Workshop Dmitriy Grynevich, the space brings together the elements of a hair salon and a tattoo salon in contrasting colors that manage to give cohesion to the entire place.

One corner of the salon is dedicated to trimming beards and grooming hair and another to tattoos. Even though the tattoo salon is separated by the rest of the place through a glass cube, it still integrates in the salon atmosphere.

Unique furniture pieces spruce up the salon and give a modern vibe. Tree stumps are painted in black and yellow and used as tables, black and yellow director chair for waiting customers, all up against a gray concrete floor.

All the décor is built focusing on contrasting colors: yellow black and green that are mixed in with the industrial gray of the walls, ceiling and floor.

Scroll down for inspiration:Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-02 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-03 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-04 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-06 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-07 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-08 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-09 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-10 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-11 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-14 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-15 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-16 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-19 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-20 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-21 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-22 Barboss-Barbershop-and-tattoo-salon-by-Workshop-Dmitriy-Grynevich-Kiev-Ukraine-23