Reincarnation of the past in Control Club, Bucharest

By Diana Porumboiu on December 1, 2015


Bucharest, a town full of contrasts is now internationally renowned for its lively nightlife. Given the new status of the city many night clubs and bars are emerging and make their voice heard through impressive design, live music and round-the-clock parties.

Control club is known by locals from some years now and since it moved to a new location some time ago it changed its audience, attracting the educated young generation lured by fashionable events and stylish places.

In 2015 LAMA Architectura redesigned the interior of this night club located in an old 19th century building, in the heart of the town. Focusing on the history of this building, they reincarnated old symbols through a modern design, bringing to life the entire space. The building used to house the Berlin restaurant in the Socialist era, so the design aims to integrate the Berlin wall and the “Iron Curtain” concepts.

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Another reminder of that socialist restaurant are the original chandeliers that were embellished to bring in the modern vibe. 03control 04control

The focal point is the bar made of Ruschita marble, a local stone found in the western region of Romania, famous for its quality and special colors. This was not random choice, because Ruschita marble has also been used on the original floor of the place. The bar looks like is catching fire due to the backlighting that was used to contrast this special stone. 08control 09control

Even though not specific to the communist architecture, the plaster pillars actually date from the period of the socialist restaurant and were kept as such for a true reincarnation.

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A symbolical tension has been created through the steel mesh and the gangplank that are separated from the rest of the room.

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Control club, Berlin hall, the place where the city wakes up at night.