Best of 2015 | Design

By Diana Porumboiu on December 14, 2015


Time has come to sum up the last 12 months and choose the favourites of this year in terms of design and architecture. We had to choose among the most beautiful exterior and interior design of restaurants, clubs, libraries, corporate headquarters, galleries or cool objects and it was not easy at all. We picked up our favourites, but so can you by checking the articles on design that we had the past few months.

1. Carturesti Carousel Bookshop is a special place that won our hearts through a cosy and clean design in a historic building that after months of hard work got a face lift that lures even those that are not so interested in getting a new book. Here are the details.


2. Now that the cold season has come we cannot ignore the warm reminder of a beautiful beach house that for us, is the sheer perfection when we think of a holiday home, or just the house where we would love to spend at least one vacation. This is the house designed by Pequenina Rodrigues in Portugal and you can check out more photos here, so you can remember the warmth of a breezy holiday on the beach.

Paradisiac beach house in Comporta, Portugal - THE VANDALLIST (3)

3. Once we get back to reality we still want to have some fun and one place that amazed us was the Enigma Café located in Cluj-Napoca. This fantasy-like bar is the first kinetic steampunk bar that opened in Romania after 2 years of blood, sweat and tears. Click here for detailed images in the article.

4. Neither a bar, nor a restaurant the next favourite is actually something with lots of horsepower. Check out the details on Yamaha XT600 by Nick Van Woert.

5. Getting back to two of the biggest passions of a true Vandal, we had to add to this list something that sums up the love for a slick style and tattoos. The Barboss Barbershop is the place that resurrected the old-fashioned barbershops by integrating a tattoo salon. Here are the pictures that prove how great these two work together.


6. We saw bars, homes, libraries and even motorcycles so we couldn’t forget about one of the coolest hotel rooms we saw. For those nomads that are on the road all the time and love traveling, ZOKU is the perfect place to settle for a few nights.

7. LAMA Architecura has been quite present on the Vandallist and this is because their projects are awesome and deserve some attention. One that we really liked was the change they made on Berlin Hall in Control Club. This is one interesting concept that was materialized in a cool design.


8. In 2015 we had a few spaces of exhibition that draw our attention, but we admit we had one favourite: The Mode and Design Center (MAD) in Brussels, which promotes creative industries and cultural talents in an unconventional space.

9. We do spend many hours at work and we are excited to discover cool work-spaces designed to receive its employees in a cosy and welcoming environment. The B.sorted offices designed by Dotka is in our top ten because we all work hard and deserve such place to manifest ourselves.

10. Least, but for sure, not last is the work of artist Pavel Vetrov exposed in some crazy spaces. Some true vandal rooms: half crazy and colourful, half neat and clean. Here are the pictures that prove the statement.

We encourage you to choose and share your favourites as well!