This Week’s Bangers on VSound

By Irina Veliche on May 8, 2016


VANDALIZE Our Playlist - VSound x Skullcandy



1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dark Necessities

A melancholic shout out to the dangerously fun past years and how the wild spirit still lingers in the soul of these family men. The single announcing a long-awaited album is ambitious is tied together the dirty funk grooves with a more mature attitude. Tune in for a familiar sound that has changed through the years together with the fans.



2. Skepta – Konnichiwa (album)

Not much different from his previous work, Skepta keeps the same pace all throughout the 40 min album and ties it together with pop interludes. Crime Riddin, It Ain’t Safe and Detox are the best tracks and they’re best experienced in his live Boiler Room performance. Staying loyal to the sub-bass-heavy production rather than commercializing the overall sound, this is one for the current fan base, sticking to its true nature but not innovative enough either.



3. JMSN – It Is (album)

PBR&B is not for everyone, but once it hits the spot this album will take through a soulful journey that connects the dizzy and dusty city vibes with the wilderness of the heart. Cruel Intentions gives the tone and beautifully intertwines the lounge with some rowdy ‘90s acid jazz. Hypnotize and Fantasize resonate with a polished lazy and sparse beat, making it for a perfect afternoon chill session.



4. Oddisee – The Odd Tape (album)

Straightforward and no gimmicks, the new album is no let down from what we’ve heard so far. Happiness is balanced with harsh confessions and while shying away from boasting or self-conscious affirmations, as a listener you can’t help but feel as if you’re diving into his mind. No Sugar No Cream is a coming of age feel good tune that instantly brings motivation while Brea takes you away on a funky golden cloud.


5. James Blake – The Color in Anything (album)

Heart wrenching and filled with long ballads, this album is a milestone for James’ career, parting from the standard length or instrumentation and leaning towards a more personal side. Love Me in Whatever Way feels like an elongated Radiohead tribute while I Need a Forest and Modern Soul highlights the unicity of the entire release. There’s a beauty of sadness that blossoms as the album progress and once you find the right head space to listen to it there will be so much to cling and come back to.