Pizza box DJ decks – by Pizza Hut

By Anca dArc on August 18, 2016


Pizza box DJ decks - by Pizza Hut

Those who dream about becoming DJs no longer need to spend thousands of dollars for state-of-the-art equipment. They only need to head down to Pizza Hut. The company said Wednesday it has created the first playable DJ pizza box, according to Engadget.

We’re talking about a standard cardboard container settled with touch-sensitive decks, a mixer and other controllable buttons. Two turntables are present, as are cross-fader, pitch volumes and cue buttons. The decks can even sync with a users phone or laptop via Bluetooth and are compatible with pro software like Serato.

Check out the decks in action below and stay tuned to Pizza Hut UK’s Twitter feed to find out which restaurants will be offering up the decks.

Well done, Pizza Hut, well done! Play some music, DJ!