Faces & Laces 10th year anniversary ”City Under Construction”

By Emil on August 26, 2016


Faces&Laces is an exhibition that celebrates arts in all its forms.


Every summer, art takes over  Moscow for a weekend. From fashion shows, music, graffiti, streetwear and all it’s subcultures, all of them merge into an interactive exhibition meant to promote alternative contemporary art.


This year the exhibition celebrated it’s 10th year anniversary, and took over Gorky Park, making it a large cultural platform for a few days. Over 350 local artists and international brands like Burn, Nike, Vans, Puma, Reebok, Casio, JBL, RE:STORE, and many others, took part of the event.


Burn took care of the central dance floor with foreign headliners like The Bug, Miss Red, Flowdan or Lil B, performing in a unique location, the Fountain Square, alongside the best local music artist and bands during the festival.


Nike organized themed walks ”The Archives of Faces&Laces”, presented by special members of the community.

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Vans brought to Moscow House of Vans and decided to celebrate it’s 50 year anniversary inside the Faces&Laces event, the classic way, with a big skatepark and jaw-dropping performances from both  the riders and the headliners (Modern Pets-Berlin/Young Adults-Moscow).

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Puma celebrated the event with its own music stage and an exposition dedicated to the classic ”Clyde” sneaker.

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Reebok launched their sneaker collaboration with Faces&Laces,  inspired by the theme of the event ”City Under Construction” Pack, uses the same black and yellow pattern as the decorative element of the stands.

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Inside the Casio exposition, visitors could enjoy a bird’s eye-view of the entire area, win watches and watch graffiti performed by local artists NOOTK and SNOOM.

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On the Pioneer Pond, for the first time during Faces&Laces took place Unleashed Battle, a wakeboard competition and a junior jam session, both of them being rewarded by JBL, Unleashed Wake Magazine and partners.


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Faces&Laces is an annual exhibition that is dedicated to fashion, sports and alternative contemporary art in Moscow, with a focus on the subcultures.

We look forward to seeing what they have planned for the next edition, in the meanwhile take a look at the gallery and tell us your thoughts.

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Check out more about Faces&Laces here

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