POINT – Art Hub

By Dana on November 2, 2016


POINT is one of the most beautifully designed places in Bucharest and that’s a fact. Located on 10th Gen. Eremia Grigorescu street, the house that hosts the pub had been built back in the 19th century and restored in 2015. Lama Arhitectura took care of the building and turned it into the minimalist masterpiece that it is today. POINT spreads over a basement, a ground floor and a mansard roof, all 3 carefully designed to create the perfect place to host cultural events such as theater plays, conferences and more.

POINT’s blind wall was painted by Sweet Damage Crew and the painting itself is enough to make you get closer to it and see what’s inside as well.

According to Lama Arhitectura, the concept behind POINT’s interior design is the pixel! The start-up for this project was the pixel (POINT) concept. We used the pixel as a unit of measurement (module), thus generating a series of modular and multifunctional objects that helped obtain flexibility. These ended up enveloping and visually unifying the whole space, whilst separating and outlining certain areas.


When it comes to layout, POINT is all about flexibility.The ground floor can be used for cultural events or just as a restaurant because it hosts the table area,a bar and the kitchen as well. The basement is made to host parties and plays if necessary. Last but not least, the mansard roof is called the theater hall: conferences, plays etc. they all take place here.

All in all, POINT is the definition of urban elegance. The mix of wood, steel, glass and fragmentation by pixelation makes it interesting and fresh, an unconventional space for cultural events, a night out, a brunch or your morning/afternoon/midnight coffee.

You can keep up to date with what is happening at POINT by going on their Facebook Page where you can find everything you need to know about the place.