A Look Into Kemi Ade’s World

By Dana on March 30, 2017



Kèmi Adé  

  Croydon’s own Kèmi Adé  is nothing short of alluring. The young singer lulling voice and mellow instrumentals fuse together to create her distinctive sound, a blend of jazz, hip-hop and folk known as alternative neo-soul. The vibes her music emit are similar to those of Erykah Badu, Musiq Soulchild and Jill Scott, making Kemi one of the few artists that can effortlessly produce such a sound. Her live performances are proof of the singer’s uniqueness and the ability to defy her youth with profound, heartfelt lyrics and sensual vocals. Kemi Ade’s talent is under the radar of Complex and Reprezent and her evolution is steady, from supporting Denai Moore to headlining shows at the world-renowned Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.


Delving deeper into Kemi Ade’s artistry, her new track Third  is hella groovy and joins the new wave of spirituality oriented music. Spiritual awakening is the core around which Ade’s music gravitates and this tune is exactly what pure human emotion, compassion and pursuit to find one’s self sounds like. Enlightenment is the young singer’s goal and the journey that this even implies is documented in her songs, a theme that goes hand in hand with her velvety voice, old soul and soulful beats.

 O.W.Nesty EP is proof of the young singer’s talent, vision and lyrical mastery due to the profound connection with her inner self and ability to communicate feelings that can only be explained through human metaphor. The concept at the heart of is that of “truths that could be shared on a daily basis but aren’t”. This idea shines through and Kemi herself takes you on a journey during which she shares her own truths that, with each listen, become yours.

The record is both a refuge and an encouragement to  discover the unknown parts of one’s self.

“[O.W.Nesty] is my way of encouraging people to immerse themselves in a pure moment, even if it’s just for 16 minutes.” 

Full of funky basslines, sultry melodies and a voice just as mysterious and enthralling as the tale told through verses, O.W.Nesty is something you need to listen for yourself, by yourself to find yourself.

Kemi Ade is a master storyteller and the warmth of her voice will guide you on the journey to find yourself. Her debut single THEN produced by Jimmy Logic and remixed by KEI-LI of Darker Than Wax was just the start of her own journey, giving her the opportunity to sing alongside Novelist, Miraa May and Jade Avia at HungOver Jams in London’s Queen of Hoxton.

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