Japanese Vibes With The Reebok “Geiko Of Gion” Custom Sneakers

By Dana on March 20, 2017



Reebok Geiko of Gion – Japanese themed custom sneakers

Sneaker artist Octavian Graure aka GRAURE is back with yet another beautiful custom pair of sneakers. The concept behind this pair of Reebok Classics is based on Mineko Iwasaki‘s story, one of the world’s most famous geisha. Iwasaki was widely known for her enchanting performances in which all forms of performing arts blended together to form an unique experience. The proud owner of this custom work came up with the idea after reading Mineko Iwasaki’s autobiography , Geisha of Gion, later adding a twist to the title and creating the name for the sneakers – Geiko of Gion (geiko – geisha in Gion, Kyoto). The concept behind the Geiko of Gion pair is proof of how sneaker custom art is transcending, from being all about the looks to being actual works of art.

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We asked Cren, the happy owner of this unique pair to tell us a bit about the process as well.

This pair was a challenge for Octavian (the artist). It all started with a pair of all white Reebok trainers, your everyday classy & comfy shoes that I haven’t seen much custom work to be done on. The hardest part was implementing the design because a pair of Reebok Classics isn’t the best canvas for portraits, mostly because of all the stitches and bindings on the surface of the sneaker. Every single detail is hand-painted, the portrait created with an airbrush for a beautiful fade and  freehand work for the rest. The whole process took around 30h , ending with a coat of factory finish to avoid unwanted “fake shine”.



All in all, this unique pair of sneakers is a work of art and Octavian‘s custom work just raised the bar. Check out more of his custom sneakers on Instagram and pop a like on Facebook as well. Make sure to come back soon to find out more about him!