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By Patricia Pitner on June 17, 2017



S I A M E Z A is a leather goods brand based in Transylvania. I came across them quite recently and was intrigued by them being as S I A M E Z A is a lady owned workwear brand and you don’t see that very often. I asked them some questions which you can read below:

Hello girls! Let’s start with what made you decide to start this brand. What inspired you to get to where you are now?

Hey, vandals. We had our studio for almost two years now, but we decided to publicly launch it only in March of this year. It all came naturally, by mistake some might say, one day we were at our studio and on the tailoring table were sitting, one next to another, a textile apron and some leather pants that we just made. Looking at these two it all kind of clicked and after some months of research and preparation we were ready to show the world our work.

Please explain a little bit about the brand’s concept.

It was a hiatus in the Romanian leather design scene for workwear so we went for it. We started out as an easy duty textile workwear producer on a small production chain so we had that experience already. We just flipped the coin of the design, enhanced it with our art school background and S I A M E Z A x M A R F A M A K E R emerged. Although, by definition, it represents workwear, the aprons are seen as key pieces, with precise focus which concentrates the essence of every piece, a second skin, which is cool and utilitarian, of the modern day maker. A second skin, cool for the streets, too.

Why natural leather and not a vegan alternative?

By any means, aprons are used firstly for protection, they need to be resistant and durable. Vegan leather is still faux, regardless of the terminology, it’s still plastic based synthetic that imitates mainly visually on an artificial base real leather, but not the characteristics that really matter. It’s worn out easily, it can’t be reconditioned, it’s less breathable, breaks easily, can’t be recycled. It’s not a good fit. A leather good should outlast you, it gets better with age and worn, actually.

Do you have plans to implement a vegan alternative?

Surely, we are aware of the issues concerning leather production, but Romania is still an ethical source of leather and leather is still a by-product of meat consumption, generally speaking we are not a vegetarian country so the meat demand is an on-going process. We use only eco-friendly leather, from tanneries where the leather is vegetable dyed, in a natural tanning process. But, we are open to alternatives, technology is always advancing towards innovative solutions for sustainable development.

What does your brand carry besides leather aprons?

For the workwear collection – M A R F A M A K E R – we carry leather aprons and utilitarian goods, we revolve around the concept of the maker, we cover the necessities in more fashionably and design forward items. Our newest release is an all white waist bag, but we have other surprises coming up, so be sure to subscribe to our page.

What is the process of making a garment like this? Do you hand make them or do you work with a factory?

Each and every S I A M E Z A item is designed and produced inside our studio. We buy our leather and accessory hardware from local suppliers so at the end of the process we deliver a 100% Romanian product. The manufacturing process is very different in making a leather product in comparison with the textile ones, it’s more time consuming and requires a more scrupulous focus, after all it’s an ancient artizanal art placed in modern times.

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What makes S I A M E Z A stand out from other brands?

We are a Transylvania based leather goods brand. Our work is known for our different approach of the workwear and bringing it to the streets, we focus on the personal style of the wearer, the maker, as an individual, combining the needs of a protection garment with fashionable aesthetics.

You are a new brand. What was your feedback until now?

Our feedback was amazing, beyond our expectations to be completely honest. We debuted Ma r f a M a k e r collection this March at an important bi-annual leather fair, MATERIA, and we received ELLE best leather design AWARD, recommendations from two well-established fashion bloggers here in Romania and got featured in the April issue of Elle Romania. Besides that, our public is organically growing and our demands are increasing, people seem to be excited by our apparel approach.

To whom is this brand addressed?

S I A M E Z A is dedicated to people who are doers, to individuals who are aware of their personal style, who have a sense for that “je ne sais quoi” feeling when choosing clothing items, for makers in different areas of work. Besides the cool factor, our items are specifically designed to fit the requirements of work environments such as bars, clubs, coffee shops, bistros, studios and others, for the professionals and the home craft enthusiasts. Although, by definition, it represents workwear, our apparel smoothly blends into streetwear.

Where can people find S I A M E Z A pieces and stay in touch with more news about the brand?

People can find us on Facebook and Instagram, for now

Thank you girls!

Be sure to follow them to stay in touch with their collections!

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