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Sneakerhead RO – enlarging the reach of sneakers and streetwear culture

By Dana on September 28, 2017



Sneakerhead RO is a project that we have started a couple years ago. It’s purpose is to enlarge the reach of the sneakers and streetwear culture in our country.


Given the fact that sneaker culture expands with each passing day – from new releases to jam-packed conventions revolving around sneakers and streetwear – keeping up & copping what’s new is pretty difficult when you’re from a country in which people still struggle to push it forward. Based in Cluj Napoca/Romania, Sneakerhead RO is a cool project that stems from passion, knowledge and the intention of keeping local sneakerheads up to date as well as bring them together for sneaker-related events like Kickin’ It. We got in touch with the cool guys behind this project – Alex & Razvan and asked them a few questions about Sneakerhead RO and their favorite kicks.


 Favorite clothing brands

Our favorite clothing brands that we actually have and wear are: Champion, Undefeated, Bape, Nike, Carhartt, Stussy, Supreme. (Also, there are some other brands that we love) There are also some brands we love but we don’t own any of their product, like Off-White, Gucci, Vlone, Y-3, Louis Vuitton.

Favorite Music Albums

Some of our favourite albums are Relapse by Eminem, Demon Days by Gorillaz, Collision Course by Jay-Z and Linkin Park (this one really is a banger), 808s & Hartbreak by Kanye West, Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’ by Kid Cudi, Drink the Sea by The Glitch Mob, Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay-Z, 2001 by Dr.Dre, Channel Orange by Frank Ocean, and the list could go on and on.

What’s your history with sneakers/sneaker culture?

Since our first pairs of sneakers, we became more and more interested in the street culture. Probably the fact that we were both basketball players had a big influence: we were always watching guys like LeBron, Kobe and other NBA players that had some good streetwear taste. We found some brands that we liked, and started to develop our style, trying to match outfits with sneakers n all of that.

When did you get your first pair of sneakers? Do you still have it?

Alex: I got my first pair of kicks in the 3rd grade. At that time I had a teammate in my basketball team that got them first and asked him where were they from. He bought exactly the last pair that was my size so I had to go one full size up just to get my first pair of Jordan’s (some dead ass Jordan 2.5s). Had to double-sock every time I played for like 6 months because they were huge for me. But, hey! I had damn jayz on!  And I did really beat them up, I think now they are in an old closet at my grandpa’s house.

Razvan: Going way back in 2010, as every kid playing ball I wanted the coolest pair of kicks in the gym & with a little bit of help, I kinda made that happen (s/o to my relatives living in US). My first pair of sneakers were the Nike Air Max LeBron 7 in a black/white/gold colorway & I gotta say I wore the shit out of them. If I still have them? The answer is yes & soon there’s gonna be a special place on the wall for them.

Talking about sneakers, tell us about your project, Sneakerhead Ro. What made you start it and how did you start it?

Sneakerhead RO is a project that we have started a couple years ago. It’s purpose is to enlarge the reach of the sneakers and streetwear culture in our country. When we started it we just thought of posting some news, release dates, stores in Romania that will release a certain shoe, featuring our followers who use our hashtag and so on. We realized we could do much more with our project, and in the summer of 2016 we organized alongside a little sneaker event at CooltUrban, in Cluj-Napoca. In the summer of 2017, CooltUrban wasn’t going to take place so we thought we could do an independent event. Kickin’ It, also in collaboration with, took place at the beginning of June, featuring the most important sneakers and streetwear retailers in the country: Sneaker Industry, Buzz Sneaker Station, Kix Store.

As we have a lot of love for the streetwear world too, We also had some help projecting our ideas on some hoodies & t shirts form some graphic designers, and we plan to launch more clothes in the future.

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Photos courtesy of Horea Merce Multimedia