Joshua Tree Residence, LA, California

By Anca dArc on September 29, 2017


An office involving a certain amount of containers, meant to be put on a site in Germany, is now being built as a home in Los Angeles, California.

Whitaker Studio’s Joshua Tree Residence is taking shipping container architecture to the next level. Set to begin construction in 2018, the home is composed of containers, each oriented to maximize views, provide abundant natural light or to create privacy. The residence was designed for a film producer and his wife, who live in Los Angeles.

Earlier this year my client in LA had some friends visiting and, having a little time to spare, they all went on a road trip to visit the client’s plot of land in Joshua Tree,” explains studio founder James Whitaker. “Whilst there, amongst the arid landscape and jutting rocks, one of the friends said, ‘you know what would look great here?’, before opening her laptop to show everyone a picture she’d seen on the internet. “The picture was of an office that I’d designed several years ago but had never been built. And so it came to pass that next time the client was in London he got in touch and asked to meet up.