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Behind SINDROMS Magazine

By The VandalList on October 16, 2017



1. WHO? 
Behind Sindroms you’ll find a team of five young women based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with distinct backgrounds yet a similar mindset, that share a wish to create a world in which colours play and bring new perspectives to everyday life.
We fell in love with colour the way most people actually fall out of love with something: by looking at it too much. We became so observant of colour that we decided to explore its role in day to day surrounding environments, pushing our colour obsession to the extent that it became art.              This made Sindroms a completely unique concept on the market—a publication obsessing over a different colour each issue.

2. WHAT? 
Sindroms is a journal of monochrome states of mind that curates its content based on specific colours, and investigates them across culture, while immersing its readers in the feelings and moods evoked by each colour.
Living in Denmark means that one is mostly surrounded by muted colours. While we love Scandinavian aesthetics, colors have a special place in our everyday life. Colour plays such a huge role in evoking different feelings or moods, and affecting the way we interpret the world around us. By having a strong interest in colour psychology and researching it, we figured we could use this colour concept to investigate different states of mind evoked by each colour and the correlations people have with it, aiming to create something that would trigger somehow specific emotional reactions in people.

3. HOW? 
Working with only one colour at a time turned out to be very challenging, especially since we started with such a powerful one: red. We loved the complexity of red and its multifaceted character, especially because it has both positive and negative associations to it. Even though it wasn’t at all among our favourite colours in the beginning, all of us fell in love with it along the way.
The Red Sindrom really showcases this rollercoaster of emotions that the red colour symbolizes—you can read about love, anger, violence, blushing, etc. We truly tried to break this colour into tiny pieces and hope to offer readers something unexpected, but most importantly a new perspective to our surrounding environment even if you have no direct interest in colours to start with.

4. WHY? 
We liked the thought of making our own magazine because we would be able to work with a lot of different things we enjoyed, and take advantage of our multidisciplinary background.
We knew that if we wanted to create an impactful concept, we needed to create something that hadn’t been done before. We knew from our backgrounds that a lot of magazines tap into minimalism and slow living. While we loved this, we found that a lot of people wanted to see something different, more daring. Making a magazine that focuses on one colour at a time seemed like such a simple concept, but we found that it really resonated with people, so we decided to give it a go.
What makes colours so special is that we might see similar shades of red but the way we experience them is an individual journey. With our first issue, we invite people to look at the world through our red lense and take part in the rollercoaster of emotions that is our interpretation of red.

5. WHERE? 
Our first issue, the Red Sindrom, is available online on our website, and via stockists in Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Berlin and Amsterdam.
We’re present on all the usual social channels—and we invite you to take a look into our colour- coordinated world. We’re always curious to have a dialogue and discover new approaches to using colour.

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