Giants of Pantelimon

By The VandalList on October 16, 2017



Giants of Pantelimon Days, the first community street art event in Romania

The event aims to deliver a serious take on contemporary street art and urban culture and the role they can play in the transformation of city spaces. By bringing together inhabitants and artists the event aspire to create a laboratory for grassroots urban development.



Moose (UK) –

Ella & Pitr (France) –

Victor Ash (artist) (Denmark) –

Martha Cooper (USA) –

Biancoshock (Italy) –

Tom (Sorina Tomuleţiu) –

Robert OBERT –

Nomado –

Murali Nade-Murals of Hope –

Cristiana Comănici –


Fashion police 👮#policeforce #metrourbano #grafittistyle

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wish this could be me in 50 years 💪🏼

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The point #streetart #pantelimon

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mă laud c-am nimerit din prima 💅✌

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Uriaşi de Pantelimon. #bucharest #pantelimon #my1project

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