Messy braids

By The VandalList on February 26, 2013


Hair trends have come a long way, from the impossible to achieve, sleek and preppy Hollywood looks, to the tousled and easy to do at home hairstyles.
We can finally relax because bedhead hair is taking over, aiming all the hairstyles that once used to be all put together, including braids.

The beauty about braids is that they require very little, especially the messy ones. There’s no need for perfection here, we are passed the prim and proper school girl looks, all you need is a little bit of inventiveness.

The possibilities are endless, you can go from youthful to traditional or from casual to formal, depending on the style you choose.
You can easily transform a beach braid into an elegant one by simply adding a sparkly hair accessory.
The milkmaid braid or crown braid has been spotted recently both on the street and on the 2013’s haute couture runways. The only down side to this, otherwise sensual and innocent hairstyle is that it requires a longer hair.





How to create the milkmaid braid :

1. Create a middle part from the front to the nape of the neck. Apply mouse to give your hair a workable texture, depending on how sleek or messy you want it.




2. Divide your hair into two low, symmetrical ponytails.


3. Start braiding each ponytail. Braid loosely to achieve a messy look. For a more special look, you can add a strip a fabric through the braid.

“Simply weave the fabric in with any section of the 3 strands of the braid. The hair and the braid will hold the fabric in place. You can add a little hairspray for extra strong hold.” says stylist Ted Gibson.




4. Secure both braids up and over the crown with bobby pins to create the appearance of one continuous braid.




5. Finish by applying hairspray.