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Alex Petcu, Black Ink, Romania

  1. Hey Alex! Where are you from?

Hey there! I am from Romania, Voluntari.

  1. Where do you work at the moment?

I work at Black ink, Bucharest.

  1. When were you first interested in tattoos? /How did you end up being a tattoo artist?

First time I got interested in tattoos.. well it’s been such a long time I cannot recall exactly. I didn’t always want to be a tattoo artist, actually it was my decision after I finished Architecture studies at the University in Bucharest.


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4.How long have you been doing this?

Tattooing was my main focus for the past 7 years, but my first tattoo was 14 years ago.

  1. What do tattoos mean to you?

Tattoos are a collaborative process between me and the people I work with.

  1. How has being a tattooist change your life?

It gave me the chance to live and struggle with drawing and to submerge into my creative self.

  1. How would you describe your style?

Can’t really define it, but I would say the collaborative process is a main feature.

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  1. What’s your artistic creation process?

Trying to meet and get to know “the collector” and then the personal struggle with myself and my life.

  1. Do you think it’s important as a tattooist to do only original and unique work?

As a tattooist it’s not that important, as a tattoo artist it is important to express yourself.

10. What was your first tattoo?

An Aztec mask on a good friend.

11. Who are your favorite fellow tattoo artists / mentors?

In the last period of my life I started to see and appreciate the work behind everything rather than follow some artists. Still looking for mentors, I have so much to ask.

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12. What type of tattoo will you not do?

I will not do work that doesn’t get my full attention and interest.

13. What’s the best tattoo aftercare in your opinion?

Love and attention.

14. Why do you think tattoos have started to be such a big trend nowadays, opposed to the stigma they have gotten back in the day?

Tattoos are such a big trend now because of money and the illusion of a better life.


Thank you, Alex!



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