OKUDA San Miguel

OKUDA San Miguel

OKUDA – Multidisciplinary artist / working around the world / Madrid, Spain

www.okudart.es | okuda@okudart.es | Instagram

1. WHO? 

Okuda: I was born in Santander in 1980 and started to paint in old factories and lost railways. In 2000 I moved to Madrid to study Fine Arts and here I am until today because I love it.

Inspiration comes from artists such as Dali, Ernst or, primarily, El Bosco and from old cultures from Africa, Mexico, Japan or Egypt… Or more contemporary artists such as Cleon Peterson, Os Gemeos or Kaws. But also from friends as Sixe Paredes, Daniel Muñoz or Spok Brillor.

2. WHAT?

Okuda: The first message in my art is positivism, but there are always deeper messages that each one can feel in a different way. It talks about contradictory concepts like freedom, identity, the meaning of life, religions, universe, capitalism, modernity, roots, nature,… Playing with shape and form, I highlight this juxtaposition within my characters, mixing up their shapes and personalities. I paint my faces with geometric patterns to show equality among the different races, placing all skin types on the same level; this multiplication of colors symbolizes multiculturalism.

3. HOW?

Okuda: I love to draw directly on the walls and keep creating and improvising during the process. I need to see in person the whole architecture when I am painting outside in order to try playing with it. Depending on the project, I have like 4 assistants that help me with everything. Besides, there are these 7 guys (called Ink and Movement) that work in the office and showroom with my manager. They receive collectors, deal with media and organize my schedule among many other things. Basically, they take care of me while I concentrate on my art.

4. WHY?

Okuda: I need to create to be happy and feel alive. Art is the meaning of my life. Most of my goals have already been accomplished as I can dedicate my life to art. Next goals would be to get better, make bigger projects, keep travelling around and spread color around the world.


Okuda: Please, follow my IG account. I use as an artistic diary: I reflect all my projects, news and funny things in my constant travels there.


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