Bucharest Graffiti wiped out at the demand of the Romanian Church

Bucharest Graffiti wiped out at the demand of the Romanian Church

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Posted by Obie Platon on Monday, April 20, 2015

Regarded as a mural which carries satanic symbols by the Church and its parishioners, the street art piece was censored.

“We didn’t wish to attack anyone or to mock the religious matters.”

“It’s not a pamphlet, it is about the inner fight with the ego”, declared Iustin Moldovan, curator of the art team that created the mural painting.

It is said that the Church put pressure on the Urbanism Direction of the town hall. And even if they don’t have authorization, they didn’t want to argue with the Church. Therefor the artists were asked  to modify the mural so that” it won’t cause any more problems”.

The minister of the Saint Gheorghe church, Emil Caramizaru says that his parishioners went to the building owner to do something about the so-called religion-mocking piece and in the end the latter has agreed.

The pope denies any accusation of censorship.


So, in the modern times, creativity is suppressed in Romania and acts of artistic freedom are decided by authority figures.

The ‘offensive mural’ doesn’t depart of other Church drawings that may cause horror through actual satanic representations like demons on its walls or saints with dog heads in the Orthodox calendar.

See for yourself:

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