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DAIM is one special street artist that has an impressive background and an experience of more than 20 years in the field. His work goes beyond the streets and reaches the almost untouchable art exhibitions in museums. His trade mark is the 3D graffiti that comes out of the walls and leaves you staring at it wondering how he did it. Well, first of all his sketches start on his computer where he draws the perfect lines that he ultimately manages to transfer to the wall with great precision.
The German artist has a more elegant approach and his graffiti is not bordered by sketchy, thick outlines. Holding just his talent, experience and a spray paint he draws perfect lines playing with light and shadows. His work made the tour of the world and for the moment he stopped to display his art at the Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg.
DAIM’s art has been displayed in all forms and shapes: murals, books, exhibitions, galleries, museums, digital prints and who knows what else. There are quite a few.


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If you want to check out his work, scroll down below for awesome pictures and a cool video.

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