DALeast new mural in Berlin

DALeast new mural in Berlin

DAL PM6 - 29


DALeast is a very interesting street artist that was born in China and is currently living in South Africa. He studied sculpture at the Institute of Fine Arts and he decided to give his art work to the public spaces in 2004. His art is quite impressive and it is easy to recognize the original style no matter where you find his murals.

He is mainly inspired by the animal world which he represents so beautiful in his work. His latest piece was the response to an invitation from Urban Nation and their project, M/6. Urban Nation supports the international urban art by organizing exhibitions, events, workshops in a non-profit space where they promote the creative exchange in the community.

Project M/6 is one of their programs where DALeast was invited to leave his trademark on the façade of their headquarters in Berlin. The mural he decided to unveil was the head of an eagle that looks like it was shaped by grinder sparks.


You can notice all these and more details in the pictures below:


DAL PM6-49 DAL PM6-13 DAL PM6 -24 DAL PM6-30


Text: Diana Porumboiu

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