Eduardo Kobra

Eduardo Kobra

Kobra_Malala-By-EmanueleGuzzardi-13After 7 years working with the most vibrant contemporary art avant-garde, and as a result of the recent collaborations like the one with Hennessy and Brazilian street artists Os Gemeos, the Dorothy Circus Gallery wants to focus its skills and energies on a worldwide resonance tour of events, whom will see as protagonists recognized street artists of undisputed international fame called to interpret with their personal touch the social and environmental urban issues.


“Spray for Your Right” will begin with the solo exhibition of the Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra , titled “Peace”, that will open next May 9th, 2014 in conjunction with the artist’s painting of a 15mt mural on the facade of MAAM Museum “Museo dell’Altro e Dell’Altrove”, curated by Giorgio de Finis, which faces the historical Via Prenestina in Rome .


For his first solo exhibition, worldwide awaited, Eduardo Kobra chooses the Eternal City, dedicating to Roma 10 brand new kaleidoscopic portraits of the leading personalities who fought in the name of Peace. The vintage imaginary, which is the code of Kobra, together with the fragmentation of the faces, brings to life a very special photo-realistic texture, in strong contrast with the urban scenario in which it is inserted. His huge paintings are characterized by the sudden spreading of colors, as he uses different techniques such as painting, airbrush and sprays that make his majestic artworks hyperreal and out of any scheme.


Topic of his works are about the fighting against pollution, the global warming,
the deforestation and the war, but also about the “makeover” of some icons of the anytime such as the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, father of the city of Sao Paulo. Among his most important artworks are his interpretation of Mount Rushmore, the famous 1945 photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, the portrait of Mother Teresa in Los Angeles, Maya Plisestkaya in Moscow, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and the 2Pac’s one in Miami.

Kobra_Malala-By-EmanueleGuzzardi-14 EduardoKobra_MALALA_WALL_DorothyCircusGallery10 EduardoKobra_MALALA_WALL_DorothyCircusGallery7

Spray for your rights is an awareness campaign, that wants to move through the exaltation of the individual artistic talents and different cultural backgrounds of the artists that will be involved, underlining the multicultural aspect of Rome itself, as well as the artists’ selection, and at the same time as an urban renewal project of the city, that aims to address and support important social issues such as the violence against women, the environmental protection and animal rights, the fight against homophobia, the racial discrimination. The aim of this project is to create “walls of sharing” that through the personal sensitivity of the artists involved could represent a creative access to the “art
jungle” able to awake the attention of the citizens, to arouse wondering and to evoke deep insights reflections.


Dorothy Circus Gallery – Via Dei Pettinari 76, Roma
From May 9th till June 25th 2014
in collaboration with the patronage

Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove in via Prenestina 913, is sponsor by Dorothy Circus Gallery

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