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From seed-to-cup: The Grounds of Alexandria, Australia

From seed-to-cup: The Grounds of Alexandria, Australia




The Grounds is a cool restaurant located in Sydney, Australia and even though it’s up and running from a while now, we couldn’t miss the chance to show it to you. Who knows when you’ll find yourself in their neighborhood and you can’t decide on a place for a coffee or a brunch.

The building housing the coffee shop has an interesting background and the designer of the space, Caroline Choker, revitalized pieces of its history. For starters, this used to be a warehouse and later on became a pie factory. The current design fits perfectly to the purpose of the place which is a restaurant, a bakery, a café and it even opens to a beautiful urban kitchen garden.

The designer embraced the rustic and industrial altogether, adding modern elements to spruce up the space. The wooden beams were contrasted by industrial steel frames painted in black. White and black wooden cabinetries were placed on polished white tiles that go hand in hand with the old brick walls. The initial frame of the warehouse was preserved and greatly highlighted. So many other elements that one might think could not work together, found their place here and they are perfectly balanced for a cozy and functional space.

Caroline says: “The starting point for our design concept was a seed-to-cup approach upon which The Grounds of Alexandria is based. We set out to educate and engage our clientele with a holistic dining and coffee experience. This seed-to-cup idea was infused into every element of the design, from the interiors, to the creation of an urban garden sanctuary supported by smaller branding elements such as the menu, signage and bespoke coffee cups and roasting machines.”


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Photos: Michael Wee

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