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From supermarket to Basquiat inspired bar, Amsterdam

From supermarket to Basquiat inspired bar, Amsterdam

Art has always been an inspiration for interior designers and architects and this Bar in Amsterdam is no exception.

As the name states, Bar Basquiat was inspired by the colorful and unique art of Jean Michel Basquiat, an American artist, painter and poet, who died too early to become worldwide famous on the mainstream art scene.

The bar in Amsterdam is the project of Studio Modijefsky, a dutch interior design studio that wanted to depict the artist’s spirit in the design of this former supermarket.

At a closer look we can see that a lot of passion and hard work were invested here, as the life of the artist is represented in the graphic layers, on the façade and sunscreens. Inside they used layers of material and volumes that result into a distinctive collage.

Basquiat art and rebellious spirit is present in the graphics on the walls, on the furniture and in different materials used to transfer the concept throughout the entire space.

Everywhere you look there are bright colors, from the red floors to the orange walls. The combination of old furniture and scratched walls feel natural and send us back to the 80’s.

Have a look at the photos below to discover an impressive bar where you can almost feel the soul of a rebellious artist.

BASQUIAT_01 BASQUIAT_02 BASQUIAT_06 f1_bar_basquiat_amsterdam_studio_modijefsky_photo_maarten_willemstein_yatzer f2_bar_basquiat_amsterdam_studio_modijefsky_photo_maarten_willemstein_yatzer f3_bar_basquiat_amsterdam_studio_modijefsky_photo_maarten_willemstein_yatzer f4_bar_basquiat_amsterdam_studio_modijefsky_photo_maarten_willemstein_yatzer f5_bar_basquiat_amsterdam_studio_modijefsky_photo_maarten_willemstein_yatzer f6_bar_basquiat_amsterdam_studio_modijefsky_photo_maarten_willemstein_yatzer f7_bar_basquiat_amsterdam_studio_modijefsky_photo_maarten_willemstein_yatzer f8_bar_basquiat_amsterdam_studio_modijefsky_photo_maarten_willemstein_yatzer f9_bar_basquiat_amsterdam_studio_modijefsky_photo_maarten_willemstein_yatzer f10_bar_basquiat_amsterdam_studio_modijefsky_photo_maarten_willemstein_yatzer

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