Koma, Krack

Koma, Krack
In a world where tattoo artists, street artists and DJs are being tagged as delinquents, vandalisers, felons and law-breakers, we’re trying to show the good, wonderful things these people are creating, the hard work they put into their work in order to do what they love. And this is… creating art.
So, we introduce… Hustlin’ Vandals.


Koma Hustlin
Founder & Co-Owner Krack – independent streetwear brand established in Dristor, Bucharest/ Romania
+ Freelance Art Director / Graphic designer

As a kid, I used to draw a lot. In high school, influenced by my new jam – hip hop music – and the extinct artcrimes.com (now graffiti.org/), I’ve managed to throw about 4 shady graffiti pieces around my block and – as a bonus – on my high school building. Meanwhile, “Photoshop” happened.


Ever since the discovery of digital design, I’ve been around the Romanian underground scene as a designer, videographer, photographer, event planner or whatever had to be done, “hip-hop and you don’t stop”, right? Joking aside, as a part of Hades Records, Urban Records, Brightness Advertising (aka the “serious job”), plus the freelance gigs, I had the pleasure to work for such clients as: Emagic / Bestfest Romania, HBO Romania, Global Street Art, Yahoo! Romania, Clandestino FM, iMapp, PepsiCo Romania / B.U.G. Mafia, Subcarpati, raku, Kazi Ploae, Veritasaga, Flou Rege, Dj Undoo, Turntable Science, Dagga, Funktastics/Zeppelin/Serafim, Nimeni Altu, Unda Comuna, GroparulLiric, CIA, Chimie, Ombladon & many more.


Based upon all of the above, the birth of Krack was inevitable. It happened in 2014, and the story keeps unveiling.  

1| Essential Photo


2| Your favorite clothing brands ?
Stussy, The Hundreds, Rebel8, Carhartt


3| What is your favorite TV-Show?
GoT, Breaking Bad, Fargo, Stranger Things, The Wire, Mad Men, Peaky Blinders, Black Mirror, Banshee, Boardwalk Empire, Luther, Top Boy, Narcos. Silicon Valley, True Detective, The Get Down, Agents of SHIELD and all the Netflix x Marvel titles (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage), just to name a few. Yeah, I’m a freak.


4| Favorite Music Albums ?

Tough one, so I’ll stick with some recent releases and finish with a personal all time classic- Joey Bada$$ – B4.DA.$$
– Anderson .Paak – Malibu
– Run The Jewels 2
– Kendrick Lamar – T.P.A.B.
– SchoolboyQ – Blank Face
– Rawkus Records presents Soundbombing Vol.2




+ a recent banger, Sick Jacken – Psychodelic




5| Who are your favorite artists?
Shepard Fairy, Mike Giant, Kitra, SDC, Nas, to stick with a few.

Vsound Playlist

1. Nas – If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)
2. BlakRoc: Ain’t Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) Ft. Mos Def and Jim Jones
3. The Roots – Dynamite!
4. Jay Z – 22 Two’s
5. Mos Def – Travellin Man
6. Eric B. & Rakim – Paid In Full
7. Action Bronson – Easy Rider
8. Protoje feat Chronixxx – Who Knows
9. Logic – Young Jesus (Explicit) ft. Big Lenbo
10. Joey Bada$$ – My Yout
11. Kendrick Lamar – Alright
12. Buddy Guy – What Kind Of Woman Is This
13. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
14. DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels – Nobody Speak
15. A$AP Ferg – New Level ft. Future
16. Duckwrth – Bernal Heights
17. Aminé – Caroline
18. KAYTRANADA – GLOWED UP (feat. Anderson .Paak)
19. ScHoolboy Q – JoHn Muir 20.
20. Rage Against The Machine – Renegades Of Funk


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