Maïka Zayagata

Maïka Zayagata is a Tattoo Artist since 2005, based in Montreal. Specialize in industrial and organic geometry, ornamental, dotwork, and blackwork.

“I wish to beautify bodies in a unique and innovative way. And look to constantly challenge myself.”



For people unfamiliar with you, could you please share a bit about the technique itself and how you came to practice it?

I am a tattoo artist who uses geometry, dot work, black work and ornamental technique and ideas to create unique pieces for each of my clients. I love to use the basic shapes of the hexagon for example, but I enjoy any geometry really. It can be done in a way that gives a 3-dimensional effect using different shading in tones, or thickness of line. Or it can also be done in a more simple and minimalist way. And both can be mixed. To create different nuances of black and grey I enjoy using dot work, meaning: poking the skin one dot at a time. I also love using the contrast of the detailed geometric pattern with big black areas.
I became interested in geometry, 15 years ago or so, I was looking to expand my creativity and I felt that geometry had an infinite capacity to inspire new and different ways to bring a design to life.
I also like the abstraction in geometry, even if we recognize a shape like a hexagon we don’t attach it to a specific meaning or part of reality that we know. It has many different ways it can exist in the world… therefore a bigger potential for the creative mind and interpretation, in my humble opinion.


How do you perceive art in general, and how do you approach it?

I perceive art as a way of life. Not as something that you are born with, but something that can be learned. Everyone has the potential to create, it is not restricted to a select few. You just have to choose art, find what you are good at, and do it over and over again. That’s how talent is created.
I approach my art by staying open as much as I can. By listening, not just with my ears, but also with my eyes, especially with my eyes, since I’m a visual artist. Also with determination, remembering that you’re constantly growing and need to keep at it! And last, staying grateful to be able to make a living with something I love, still, after 18 years of tattooing.


What are you looking forward to or excited about in your career?

I have traveled a lot and did conventions all over the world, getting some recognition for which I’m so grateful, and I am still excited about that! This May 2024, like every year for the past 10 years, I’m going to tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Berlin, Germany. Later this year, I’ll be at the Toronto and Montreal Conventions in the Geometrica app booth. In November, I will attend the International Tattoo Expo “Ankonventional” in Ancona Italy, with the @Geometrip Instagram page crew.

Do you listen to music while working? If so, what kind of music gets you in the zone?

I do listen to music in the studio. I enjoy the “typical” music one’s find in a tattoo studio, 😉 metal! But I have eclectic taste, so I enjoy also electronic, old 80s rock, sometimes stoner rock, nordic ambient music, atmosphere ambient metal, and ambient electronic.
I also listen to Boards of Canada, Tricky, Portishead, and Massive Attack who are always a safe bet.
It really depends on the mood. I also pay attention to who my client is, to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.
But my favorite bands of all time are:
Amenra, God Speed You Black Emperor!, Milanku, My Sleeping Karma, to name a few.


Do you intend to shift your portfolio in any other direction?

I’m hoping yes, maybe not in a radical way, but I am looking to enhance what I’m already doing. Last September I started a Master’s degree in digital art at NAD (École des arts numériques, de l’animation et du design de Montréal), where I will be exploring technologies in combination with tattooing. My hope is that I will explore new ways to create and get inspired.
I’m not sure where this new adventure will take me, but I am really excited about it… To be continued. 😉


Do you have plans for retirement or other passions you’re looking forward to pursuing in the future?

I cannot imagine a future where I will not be tattooing, although I am very much aware it can stop at any time, for any reasons, health or whatever. I will try to tattoo for as long as I can. I use to want to do other things more, but I realized that life is short and there’s so many things you can do well in a lifetime. So I will try to focus on the more important things to me: my work, my fiancé, family, friends, travels and my dog!


Could you recommend a new up-and-coming artist that people should follow?

Check out the Instagram page @geometricatattooapp
It’s a tattoo app for iPad founded by our very own Canadian dot master, Cory Ferguson. There, you will find talented artists, new and experienced.

I’d like to give a shout-out to Emily Roby in Montréal. Even if she’s been there for a while, 😉 she is a true artist! (@linesandsines or


Montreal, Canada
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