Obie Platon

OBIE PLATON – In recent years, in addition to his complex murals that can be seen across Europe and in Shanghai, he focused on experimental painting and pursuing his interest in sculpture and installation art. His works on canvas mainly consist in exploring portraiture from new perspectives using traditional painting techniques yet filled with contemporary symbols and elements that invite to a direct and playful interaction with the audience, or reinterpreting the work of masters such as Hieronymus Bosch or Giuseppe Arcimboldo, as in his 2016 solo show HUMANUTOPIA. The sculptural body of work usually highlights, in a witty and conceptual approach or paying tribute to artists like Constantin Brâncuși, a core idea that may relate to social taboos, political regimes, state surveillance and digital addictions, or further develop themes in connection to his canvases and interventions on the city walls.

Radu Beligan National Theater
Bacău, Romania 2017

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