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Men’s hair: How to choose a hairstyle

Men’s hair: How to choose a hairstyle



A hairstyle reflects your personality, it gives you a boost of confindence, it make you look complete and given the amount of inspiration surrounding us it’s getting harder and harder to find the hairstyle that’s best for you.

Here are some easy steps that will help you choose the right hairstyle to fit your aesthetic:

Choose the right haircut for your face shape

Take your face shape into consideration before trying out a new hairstyle, this will help you choose the right hairstyle to flatter you best.

  •  Triangular face shape

Characteristics: wide cheekbones and forehead, pointed chin

Choose a style that will narrow your forehead area and add the illusion of width to the chin. A slight fringe that could help soften the shape of your face.
Beards can balance and fill out your jaw line.

Justin Timberlake’s hairstyle from “Suit and Tie”
Ryan Gosling’s Gangster Squad hairstyle


triangular face shape


  •   Square face shape

Characteristics: square jawline, almost as wide as long, straight sides, jaw and cheekbones the same width

Keep the sides leaner and short to slenderize the face considering its strong and masculine features, while the hair on top of the head should be reasonably full.


Square face shape



  • Diamond face shape

Characteristics: cheekbones are widest part of the face, forehead and jawline are narrow, long pointed jawline

Opt for a haircut with a slicked side fringe and layers on top for extra volume and avoid going too sharp around the edges, as this will make the ears stick out.
A more wavy look will soften the features.






  • Heart face shape

Characteristics: cheekbones are widest part of the face, the face is wider than it is long, the chin is noticeably pointed

Avoid fullness on the sides of the head , as that is the broadest point of the face.
Choose a messy look that covers your forehead, as it will draw attention to your nose, mouth and eyes.






  • Oblong face shape

Characteristics: longer than it is wide, often rounded jawline, cheekbones and jaw the same width

Keep the shape well proportioned and avoid having the sides too short if you want to keep length on the top.
Style your hair onto the face to create some balance.


Oblong face shape




  • Oval face shape

Characteristics: slightly rounded jaw, no unusual characteristics, face shape resembles the shape of an egg

The well-balanced proportions of this face shape allow experimenting with nearly any haircut.
Messy styles will look just as good as slicked-back, “ivy league” classic cuts.
Avoid covering up your features with heavy bangs as this can make the face appear rounder.


oval shape face




  • Round face shape

Characteristics: jawline is round, face almost as wide as tall, round cheekbones

An off-center part or some waves at eye level will help minimize roundness. Avoid very short hairstyles that emphasize the shape of your head.


Round face shape


Acknowledge your hair

Take into consideration that not every hairstyle is meant for you as some styles may not go well with your type of hair.

Acknowledge the texture, density and movement of your hair before trying out a new hairstyle.


Hide your flaws and play up your strenghts

A good haircut does both, it directs the attention to the things you like while hidding the features you don’t like.


Consider how much time you are willing to spend doing your hair every day.

Personal style

Don’t choose something too extreme if your personal style is classic.


A good stylist will help and advise you to choose a hairstyle that will fit you and your face shape.


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