“Multiviralizing Art”. Spread the concept.

“Multiviralizing Art”. Spread the concept.


Calle 13, an urban music band from Puerto Rico formed by Ren Pérez Joglar (Residente)-lyricist and vocalist, his brother Eduardo Cabra Martínez(Visitante)-composer, musical director and producer and their sister Ileana Cabra-the female voice, created a world-wide art initiative including many renowned street artists.

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Along the musical side, awarded with 2 Grammy Awards, and 19 Latin Grammy Awards, that was born from combining different genres such as reggaetón, hip-­‐hop, rock or urban alternative and influences from rock, rap, ska, merengue, bossanova, Balkanmusic, Latin American folklore, Colombian cumbia, cumbia villera from Argentina, candombe from Uruguay, salsa and afrobeat is headed towards the surface, the redefined originality and creative spirit of the artistic individual.

They have traveled and toured several times throughout Latin America, the United States, and Europe and are recognized internationally for their meaningful lyrics and unique musical fusions.

As they declared ”We consider ourselves lucky to be able to live from our craft, but there is much more to us than writing and performing on stage. And this is what motivated us to start the project “Multiviralyzing Art”.

“As artists, we believe in art’s potential to transform our surroundings, our communities and the world itself into a variety of mutable artistic spaces.”

Over a dozen internationally famed artists, among these INTI, LINIERS, FINTAN MAGEE, and ALEXIS DÍAZ, has worked aside them, engaged in all sorts of art, giving the word Multiviral, the echo it needs.

“Our objective is to open new spaces for artists around the world.  Through their artwork, whether it is renowned or not, we aim to redefine originality and find the inspiration and motivation to continue creating.”

THE MAKING of the pieces is an upcoming project, here you can watch the contouring of the creative mind.


“Our wish is to encourage artists to create live installations that can pop up anywhere, any day, at any time, always in flux, and inspire and stimulate the creation of new art experiences.” , declared the band.

Pictures of their work so far can be seen below


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Text: Diana Slabischi




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