Paul Cristina

Paul Cristina

“I am primarily interested in exploring ideas and images that exist underneath the exteriors of everyday life. I want the work to deliver an experience that is unavoidably human – something to make us think, feel and ask questions. For me, the work needs to engage the viewer in a way that will open the door to a broader range of emotional and psychological sensitivity.

In my work, I want to confront that place inside of myself where our fear, hate, anger, insecurity and dysfunction reside. I want to explore what might be below the surface of those things – in a place where truths can be found, regardless of how disturbing or unpleasant they may be.”



Paul Cristina – Painter

Charleston, South Carolina

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Paul Cristina was born in the metropolitan area of Cleveland, OH. in August of 1983. He is self-taught in the fields of painting and drawing. His creative sensibilities have continued to develop through the study of books, film, music, people and conversation. These sources of education continue to inform his work through the experimentation of various style and media.

Cristina had worked several years as a paramedic, which allowed for a stark insight and investigation into the often disturbing aspects of society and human behavior. This experience involuntarily contributes an emotional undercurrent to Cristina’s work and provides with an insight toward the underbelly of life as we know it.

His work has been primarily exhibited throughout the north/southeastern United States and is currently held in private collections internationally.

He currently lives and works in Charleston, South Carolina.


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