Peco, Wolf Town Tattoo Parlor | Interview

Peco, Wolf Town Tattoo Parlor | Interview




Bratislava, Slovakia



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Hello! Who are you and where you’re from?

Hi, I am Peco. I am living in Bratislava, Slovakia.

 Where are you tattooing at the moment?

I am working at the best tattoo shop ever called Wolf Town tattoo. If you haven`t heard about us yet, you will be soon.

 How did you end up being a tattooist?

It was a long road. I finished my studies at university. I was studying Railway transportation haha. Then I had few “serious” office jobs until I got the opportunity to step into the tattooing business. I was always active in hardcore and punk scene in Slovakia and tattoos were always around. I think everything started there.

 How long have you been doing this?

Three years. I am still a newbie.



How would you describe your tattooing style?

I do mostly dot-work and black-work designs. I love doing simple and dark designs with some idea in it. Black is my favorite color, but sometimes I cheat on it with the other colors. I am in a phase “darker is better” right now. 🙂  (Couldn’t agree more! I’m in that phase since birth ♥)


 What’s the one thing you really want to tattoo but haven’t yet?

I love to do tattoos based on old fairy tales, legends and stories. There are still plenty of them I want to do.


 What types of tattoos will you not do?

All nazi or racist ideology inspired motives. And I don`t like to do mandalas haha.


 What’s your favorite area on the body to ink?

Probably the thigh. It is nice, big and almost flat surface and it isn’t such a painful area for the clients.


 Favorite tattoo artist / mentor.

This is a tricky question. Everyday I find a new work, which inspires me. I am trying to travel and learn as much as possible. First guy who taught me how to tattoo was Stoty from Slovakia. Awesome guy and tattoo artist. And my biggest supporters and mentors are guys from my tattoo shop. I would never achieve so many things in my life and career without them.




What kind of machine do you use / prefer?

Now I am using Cheyenne thunder. It is so easy and comfortable to work with this machine and it`s great for traveling. I started with coil machines, but I was always fighting with them. I am thinking to go for a Cheyenne Pen soon or maybe try something else like FK Irons. I like the cartridge system. I work faster and cleaner thanks to it.


What’s the best tattoo aftercare in your opinion?

Clean it, dry it, put a lotion on it and cover it with foil again. Keep doing this three times per day for a few days and then continue the procedure without using a foil. It can change based on the tattoo design. But for some people, other procedures could work better. Just keep it clean.


Why do you think tattoos have started to be such a big trend nowadays, opposed to the stigma they have gotten back in the day?

I think there were better and worse times in tattoo history. I don`t think there is one right answer to this question.


Do you think it’s important to have a background in art before you start tattooing?

Everybody has some background in art since childhood. The rest depends on how we will use our talent. I don’t think you need to finish an art school to start tattooing, but it can be very helpful.


Do you think it’s important, as a tattooist to do only original and unique work?

Yes, of course. It`s question of ethic and morality for me. (♥!)


 How has being a tattooist change your life?

Completely. I was an office nerd during the week and punk kid during the weekends before I started tattooing. Now I can be full-time punk haha.


 What’s one of the secrets to becoming a successful artist in the tattoo industry?

There is no secret.  It is the same as with everything.  It can’t be just your hobby or half-time job. It must be the main thing in your everyday life.  Sometimes you can even be a lazy artist, but most of the time you have to focus only on drawing tattoos, studying tattoos, re-drawing tattoos and tattooing. Then you will come home and you will spend rest of your day checking other tattoo artists work until you fall asleep.  What a sweet life I have.  I just love it.

Thank you for the awesome answers, Peco!









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