Rares – Interview

Rares – Interview



Hello Rares!

Let’s start with who you are and where are you from…

Hello people! I’m Rares C., I was born and lived most of my life in Bucharest, a love-hate story.

Where do you tattoo at the moment?

Since one month ago I have been working with Alex in our private studio in Bucharest, Romania.

How did you end up being a tattooist?

I don’t remember exactly the moment I’ve decided to start tattooing , it all came from the need of having a job and wishing to go beyond my home scratching. The first time I have started tattooing myself and others  was around 17, we were improvising our machines, needles, almost everything. Back then, working in a tattoo shop meant  dropping out of school and I wasn’t such a badass, I wonder were would I be now if had continued back then.

Do you have a mentor/ favorite tattoo artist that inspired you to do this?

I had learned a lot from the people I have worked with,  Alex Petcu and Bob are some of them, they have showed me the basic stuff, their work  is impressive to me. Entering  the  industry I have realized that it is a much, much bigger world then I have imagined.  It took a while until I have realized the way I want to tattoo.

When it comes to my taste in tattooing,  from Romania I would mention: Mate and Alex. An international reference it would be Lenad Nada, one of first artists who showed me that tattoos can be more than black’n grey, colour  or realism, traditional.



How long have you been doing this?

I guess it’s almost 6 years now.

How would you describe your tattooing style?

I can’t say I have a tattoo style¸  at this moment I work only with black ink and I have a certain graphic approach to it. I tattoo in a manner that comes more natural to me.

What types of tattoos will you not do?

Wright wing symbols or other shit I wouldn’t be comfortable with,  tattoo replicas.

I know you had a guest spot at AKA Berlin.. how was that experience for you?

When i got there I was pretty nervous , a lot of artists that I follow tattooed in that place.

But everything was relaxed  and professional, a constantly changing crew in a creative place. I didn’t get the chance to talk with all them, but those i have talked to were nice and downright.

When I’m  in a place like that I look over as much as I can. I’m curios about their  tattoo techniques , new machines…

Have you noticed any differences between Berlin and Romania regarding this culture?

Yeah , there are a lot of them.  There are cultural and economical differences, Berlin has already multiple generations of tattooing, it has a big artists and sub-cultural community, many people from around the world come there and  people don’t stress themselves about money as much  as in Romania.

But when you get down to it you will see the people speak the same language, they have the same difficulties with the clients and so on.

I could say  there was more trust from the client’s side.

Why do you think tattoos have started to be such a big trend nowadays, opposed to the stigma they have gotten back in the day?

I think, the time and the generations are changing. The internet has to do a lot with it and the influence of the western society through media.

The stigma disappears also along with the older generations.



Ok, let’s talk about ethics.. Do you think it’s important, as a tattoo artist to do only original and unique works?

I don’t know what exactly is a tattoo artist, is it an artist that is tattooing or is it a tattooer that tattoos in an artistic kind of way?  If there is more emphasis on the word ”artist”, yes, I think it is important.

How do you feel about the tattooists that steal tattoos/designs from other  artists?

I think they should all burn in hell!  No, I’m joking . Everybody is responsible for their own work , if you do somebody else’s tattoo you are not taking yourself seriously. I just think it’s not a good idea on the long run.

How has being a tattoo artist changed your life? Is this something you feel like you’d be doing forever?

I get to travel in different places, having the opportunity to make friends or meet old ones. I have a certain freedom in my work. I would also like to practice other crafts as well but this is the job that I would like to  do for the rest my life.

Do you think that there are certain secrets/ guide lines to follow to become a successful tattoo artist?

Success can mean a lot of things. If you want to do what you like and also make a living out of it, I think it s important to trust yourself, to be dedicated and respect your own work.


Thank you, Rares!

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