Rita / creator of #liveleaftattoo
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📍Lisbon, from Ukraine🇺🇦

“My name is Rita and for the past 6 years, I’ve been crossing my passion for nature and tattooing. I started tattooing in 2014, a year later in 2015 I invented my own technique #liveleaftattoo. Most of the time I’m traveling around the world. Сurrently in Bali, researching and writing a book about plants.

As an artist, I enjoy doing permanent paintings with a unique brush and canvas. I literally paint bodies with a needle from nature — the two beautifully compliment each other.

As a former architect, I like to explore the structure and form of both plants and bodies, finding just the right complementary pairing between the two.

As a nature-lover, I want to inspire people to take a closer look at nature, to see all the imperfections and nuances and details. I copy it as precisely as I can because every single leaf embodies perfection as it is, in my opinion. If I turn the viewer’s attention away from our technological, artificial, 21st-century world and back towards nature even for a bit, I have accomplished my mission.

As a tattooer, I like to use old techniques in new ways, presenting my own interpretation on tattooing while expanding the art at large too. I like to subvert the stereotypes of what a tattoo should look like. I believe the body is perfect as it is; my goal is to subtly highlight the aesthetic of our natural shapes and lines.

As an innovator, I am always wondering, what’s next?”

Lisbon, Portugal
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